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The Brooch Is Back, Baby!

Old European Cut Diamond Crescent BroochGone are the days of blue-haired women in the 70+ age group, tottering around in their St. John or Channel suits with a vintage pin on the lapel. Well, they may not actually be gone, but they need to move over for the new kids on the block. Why? The brooch is back, baby!

Bringing The Brooch Back, Baby!

Vintage Sterling Silver and 14kt gold Miniature Portrait Brooch PendantIt’s been a renaissance in the making for a while now. A quick Google search points to a Wall Street Journal article back in 2012 suggesting we hang on to our cardigans – because the brooch is back. Apparently the WSJ was ahead of the curve, because it took a few years for Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily and even The Chicago Tribune to make mention and hop on the bandwagon. But now here we are. You’re just as like to see young women wearing brooches and even some men (those are occasionally referred to as lapel pins or Br0-0ches, as seen on IG with four dapper young men from Heritage Auctions posing while proudly displaying their suit lapels).

Antique Art Nouveau Blush Colored Enamel and Seed Pearl 14kt Yellow Gold Brooch 1Those of us here at Katie Callahan & Co, well we never really thought the brooch went out of style. We’ve loved them for a LONG time. We say show us your brooches! Send us pics and we’ll post them on our Instagram and Facebook accounts (or post your own either place and tag it with #thebroochisback). Or, read about famous brooches and the history of the brooch in this amazing book.

We’d love it if you also leave us a comment below telling us about your favorite brooch. Did you buy it recently? Inherit it from a loved one? Pick it up at an flea market or antique shop? You show us yours and we’ll show you ours. <wink wink>


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