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Mother’s Day Is Fast Approaching. We’ve Done Your Shopping For You.

Uh Oh.It’s that time of year again. Spring is springing. April showers are soon to bring May flowers. And Mother’s Day is only a few days away. Wait. What!? Mother’s Day is only a few days away? Yup. And let me guess. You don’t have a gift for her yet do you.

Mother's DayWell, if you don’t want to be written out of the will and/or become the subject of a year of “mom guilt”, you’d better get your act together. Thank goodness Katie Callahan & Co is here to come to your rescue. We know what mom’s like. And we can help keep you on mom’s good side. Also known as, “Her Favorite Kid”.

Let’s start with the more limited budget ideas. Hey, not everyone has a lot of bank to spend and Mom was happy with the macaroni poster you made her years ago. For her, it’s not about the cost, clearly.

Antique Victorian 800 Silver Carved Cameo Brooch/Pendant w/Marcasite AccentsThe brooch is making a huge comeback. We told you this a couple of weeks ago (it’s ok, we realize you may not have been listening then). Brooches and pins aren’t just for the Upper West Side “Ladies That Lunch” anymore. We’re seeing them pop up all over the place. Even on young hipsters (don’t hold that against them, though). We think Mom would love this Antique, 800 Silver Cameo with Marcasite accents. Lots of class with just a little cash.

Antique 12kt White Gold Filled Diamond Earrings 1Moving up the “better than a hand drawn card” ladder, we think mom would be thrilled with these Antique, 12kt White Gold-Filled Diamond Earrings. They are from the WW-II era when gold was scarce and gold-filled jewelry was the norm. The delicate flower shape is something she can wear every day and with .18cts in each ear, they won’t break the bank but offer plenty of sparkle.

Antique 14kt Gold Fiery Opal Ring 2Maybe Mom is more of a beach kind of gal. This Vintage 14kt Yellow Gold Fiery Opal Ring will reminder her of a day at the ocean. The opal has so much turquoise blue, she’ll think back to that family vacation you all took to Mexico. The one where you got sunburned and stepped on a sharp sea-shell but you guys bonded and made sand castles together. Memory lane is always a good street to go down this time of year. You’ll have her tearing up a bit as soon as she opens it.

Estate Tiffany & Co. Platinum, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Heart PendantBut if you really want to treat her right, we suggest diamonds. Lots of diamonds. And a blue box. No one does diamonds better than Tiffany & Co. And this Estate, heart-shaped, Platinum, Diamond and Pink Sapphire pendant quietly bellows, “I Love You, Mom.” I mean, come on!  A heart? On Mother’s Day? Filled with Sapphires and Diamonds? You’ll be granted at least a year’s worth of passes for not calling as often as you should! And she’ll think of you every time she puts it on. That’s almost as good as a visit from her kid.

Didn’t see exactly what you’re looking for? There’s plenty more where these came from. Just click the “Visit Our Shop” button on the right hand side of the page, and you can find just the right gift for your mom. You can thank us later.


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