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Vintage and Antique Jewelry

Open the Jewel Box

Jewelry steeped in history, waiting for its new chapter with you.

Each piece in my shop has its own story to tell, they have been handpicked for the level of quality and superior craftsmanship that is hard to find in the pieces of today. Go ahead and open the jewel box to discover eternally classic pieces from the Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco periods.

If you’re looking for a particular piece, the jewel categories are below – just scroll up. But if you’d like to be surprised and dazzled, click the ‘go shopping’ button and dive right in. 

Ostby Barton 10kt Yellow Gold and White Sapphire Alternative Engagement Ring (Vintage)

Old is the new new.
That makes you right in style.


It all starts with a question. But along with the question comes the big, wide eyes when your special someone sees the sparkler that’s meant just for them. I often say that the right ring will find you.


An engagement. An anniversary. A birthday. A new baby. A promotion. We often mark these events with jewels. Our vintage rings have already started their story, but they are looking for their next chapter. Will it be with you?

Victorian Wedding Bracelets (Matched Set)


The making of the coveted perfect wrist stack most definitely starts with a vintage bracelet. Signed. Unsigned. A simple bangle. Encrusted with gemstones. Victorian. Art Deco. Retro Modern. It matters not. What speaks to your heart? That’s the piece that sets the foundation for a spectacular stack.


These are not your grandma’s brooches. Well, actually, they might be. But we recommend wearing them in daring new ways. Pull back a lock of hair, as if it’s a barette. Use it to secure a ribbon at your waist. Pin it to your handbag to add a little sparkle. Wear them in groups or alone. But just wear them. Because the brooch is back! 

Emerald and Diamond 18kt Yellow Gold Bar Pin/Brooch (Vintage)
Vintage Gold Ladder Hoop Earrings


Whether a classic pearl, an elegant diamond stud or a daring chandelier, the adornment known as the earring can be the outfit maker or breaker. The ladies who lunch, or possibly invented high tea, knew it. And it makes sense. Our gaze is naturally drawn to eye level, and just over from there, we find the earlobe, begging for some sparkle. Don’t let yours down. 


You’re clearly a lover of sparkly things. My guess is you also want to take care of them (thank goodness. And if you don’t know what I mean, then head here to find out more). Jewelry is delicate. Vintage and antique even more so. But with some love and a little bit of care, it will continue to be the heirloom it was created to be. Whether you want to keep your engagement ring sparkling, tidy up those chandelier earrings or just show off your love for History’s Jewel Box, this is the place. 

Ultrasonic Clean Jewelry
Ring sizing larger


This is kind of like that drawer in the kitchen that holds odds and ends. You’ll find ring sizing fees here, our handmade “birthstone” jewelry dishes and a collectable t-shirt or two. Nothing really much to look at, but at least you know right where everything is when you need it. Just like that lemon zester in your kitchen.