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Long Lost Tiaras
Mary, Mary never ordinary, where did your tiaras go? Ok, that's not exactly how the nursery rhyme went. But it could have. Queen Mary, known for dismantling her jewels and reworking them (which I guess I can't say I blame her - I do love a conversion piece), left a slew of tiara carcasses in her wake during her time on this earth. But which ones and how many? Today we'll explore Queen Mary's long lost tiaras.
The Tiaras of Downton Abbey
I don't know about you, but I've found myself watching a little more TV during the Covid lockdown. I tried some new shows, but most of them just didn't hold my attention. So I've gone back to my old favorite Downton Abbey. I had skipped the movie when it first came out. Work was busy and I just didn't get there. But with my renewed interest in the Crawleys, I thought it was about time. Was the movie itself epic? Well, in a word, no. It was, however, well done. And did the Tiaras of Downton Abbey disappoint? Absolutely not!

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