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You Get a Tiara and You Get a Tiara and…

ho gets a tiara? Do I get a real tiara? Do you get a tiara? Where exactly does one wear a tiara these days (besides to the mailbox)? And are folks really still buying the real thing?
You get a tiara.
Antique Wartski Emerald and Seed Pearl Tiara being auctioned by Forutna on July 23rd.

I received not one but TWO tiaras for my 50th birthday a few weeks ago, and am now the proud owner of three total. Granted, none of mine are made of precious metals and diamonds, but they are still precious to me, nonetheless. It got me thinking about jewelry for your head, as I was walking to the mailbox, forgetting that I had one on, after showing it to a friend via video online. Who buys a tiara? And where exactly does one wear a tiara these days (besides to the mailbox)? And are folks really still buying the real thing? I can only make guesses at the first question and second questions. But I found firm answers to the third. So, I thought I’d share what I found out with you.

It would appear that in some alternate universe from mine, tiaras are doing just fine. There are several coming up on the auction block in the next few weeks and several more that have recently sold. Are you ready to take a look? (You can click on each photo to be taken to its auction page.)

You get a tiara.
Early 20th Century diamond tiara, attributed to Cartier, in their London “Important Jewels” sale on July 30th.
You get a tiara.
A diamond tiara, circa the 1980s, for sale on
Diamond Necklace/Tiara Combination, Late 19th Century, that sold at Sotheby’s on June 11th for 12,500 Euro.
You get a tiara.
Late 19th Century Natural Pearl and Diamond Tiara/ Necklace, from the collection of Gloria, the late Dowager Countess Bathurst, being auctioned off by Christie’s on July 30th.
Antique Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Freshwater Cultured Pearl, Gold, Silver Convertible Tiara-Necklace that sold in September of 2019 at Heritage Auctions for $5500.
Tiara attributed to CG Hallberg, c. 1917, auctioned by Sotheby’s on June 4th for 3,500 Pounds.
You get a tiara.
An early 20th century silver colourless paste tiara, up for auction at Fellows Auctions on the 30th of July.
You get a tiara.
Late 19th Century Emerald and Amethyst Tiara, coming up at Auction at Christie’s on July 30th.

It would appear that there is a little something for everyone and at a wide variety of price points. So, if money were no object, which one would you choose? I definitely want to hear from you about that in the comments below!


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