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So, You Say You’re Not Into Antique Tiaras….

Antique Tiaras
A starry stunner by Chaumet – a modern take on a vintage theme.

Believe it or not, there are some folks who just aren’t into vintage jewels. I personally don’t get it, but if you’re one of those folks and you’ve somehow found yourself here, I may still have a little something for you. Forget the antique tiaras for a moment. Let’s talk about the ones being produced today.

What’s that you say? You didn’t know that there were still jewelry houses making tiaras? You bet your bloomers there are. And while there are more jewelers out there than just these three producing jewelry for your head, let’s keep it simple and talk about the superstars.

Antique Tiaras
The Garrard “Laurel” – 18ct white gold set with round white diamonds, rose cut diamonds and briolette diamonds.

We’ll start off with Garrard, since they created some of the most amazing antique tiaras out there over the decades. Apparently, their tiara business is still doing well, as there are several styles to choose from. I particularly liked this Laurel Tiara. It substantial enough to be noticed, but not so over the top that someone would confuse you for Queen Mary. That woman did know how to wear a tiara, though. Perhaps she would have also approved of their Princess Collection too.

The Mélodie Nacrée tiara by Chaumet. White gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

Chaumet, another tiara powerhouse, is still going strong and making their modern versions of history. They’re fit for any princess (or bride with an Amex Black at their disposal). I love that their current designs have a nod backwards to the tiaras that came before (in this one, the leaf motif). But they also have a very modern feel to them, making them a fresh option.

The Soleil Glorieux tiara by Chaumet, in white and yellow gold, set with a cushion-cut Fancy Intense Yellow IF diamond weighing approximately 2.51 carats, 21 cabochon-cut rock crystals and brilliant-cut diamonds and yellow diamonds.

And there’s still an over-the-top, wow factor tiara or two out there. Queen Mary would be proud that Chaumet continues the tradition of the “big hair” tiara (you need quite the updo to carry pull this one off). And it would appear that colored stones are back in style. Something else Mary never shied away from.

Antique Tiaras
The Chaumet Valses d’Hiver diadem in white gold, set with a brilliant-cut E VVS2 diamond of 2.13 carats, 14 round DE VS+ diamonds between 0.25 and 0.76 carats each, a white cultured pearl of 12 mm from South Sea, white cultured pearls from Akoya and brilliant-cut diamonds.

For something with a vintage feel but a modern twist, this Chaumet diamond and South Sea cultured pearl stunner is a no-brainer. The swoops and flourishes remind me of diadems from the Art Deco period but there’s something about it – maybe its scale or just recognizing some of the modern gem-setting techniques – that make it very 21st century.

Antique Tiaras
Buccellati presents a beautiful and intricate design, made of flowers and birds. In total, 928 diamonds for an approximate weight of 10.00 carats.

To round us out, I offer the third of the powerhouses, Buccellati. Once again, taking a page from the antique tiara playbook, they have created something that’s reminiscent of the tiaras of days gone by, but added their own modern twist. I feel that the phoenixes are a statement for today’s tiara-wearer. But the delicate flower details and flourishes keep her grounded in the past. Needing to make a grand entrance? The Grand Tiara, as it’s aptly named, will certainly make sure you’re noticed.

Which one out of the six shown most strikes your fancy. I’m curious to know, so tell me in the comments, as I definitely have my personal fav.


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  1. The Chaumet Valses d’Hiver may be the most beautiful, most perfect, piece of jewelry I have ever seen! It will haunt my dreams in the very best way!!

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