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How To Care For and Clean Jewelry

clean jewelrySo, you finally got that gorgeous rock. You know the one. That <you insert your new awesome piece of antique jewelry here>. And it’s beautiful. And sparkly. And clean. Very clean. Now the big question is, how do you keep it that way?! We’re here to help with a few quick and dirty (see what I did there?) guidelines for clean jewelry.

sleep in the buff clean jewelrySleep In The Buff.

No, we don’t mean like that (unless you like to, which is fine with us. What you do in your own home is your business). We mean, take your jewelry off before you go to bed at night. Yes, really. Yes, EVERY night. Rings can get scratched up on headboards and prongs can catch on pillowcases. Earrings can come loose and fall out. And necklaces and bracelets can get caught on sheets and snap or break. The only jewelry I go to bed wearing is my solid platinum wedding band and my FitBit (because. . . . sleep data. I’m addicted). Yes, I take off my diamond engagement ring every night. And you know where it goes? In a little ring box on my dresser. Every. Time. That way it’s never lost. More on that a little later though.

Ultrasonic Clean JewelryClean Up Your Act.

Your “new” old jewelry won’t keep itself clean. Just like the kitchen. You ignore it and the next thing you know, you can hardly see it. The good news? With a little daily discipline, just like that darn kitchen, you can keep it sparkling and shining. There are polishing cloths (we love this one) to keep gold, platinum and sterling silver jewelry polished up nicely. For pieces containing gemstones (hard stones like diamonds, rubies, garnets, sapphires, etc.), you can use a jar of cleaning solution (we love this one). Or for a deeper clean (yes, we see that hand lotion underneath your diamond in your engagement ring), you can put your jewels in an ultrasonic cleaner for a few minutes (we love this one). And if you want your jewels to REALLY sparkle, use a jewelry steamer (we love this one) to bring out that “just back from the jewelry doctor (aka: jewelry store) shine.

Helpful cleaning hints: don’t put jewelry with loose stones, or pieces containing pearls, emeralds, opals or other soft stones in the cleaning solution or ultrasonic machine. Use a small very soft toothbrush and some water to clean under your emeralds and just polish pieces containing pearls and opals with your polishing cloth.

dangerous chemicals clean jewelryBattery Acid Is A Bad Idea.

We feel like we shouldn’t have to say this, buuuutttt….. keep your jewelry out of harmful chemicals. Which chemicals are harmful? Well, if it eats away grime, grease or body parts, you’re best to avoid it. Outside of that, if you wonder if it’s harmful or not, better safe than sorry and just keep your precious jewels away from it. And where do they go while you’re messing with chemicals? Yup. Back in that ring dish/jewelry box/special place. Every. Time. So you know where they are and you don’t lose them.

stained dress clean jewelryWould You Garden In A Ball Gown?

You wouldn’t would you? No way you’re wearing your Carolina Herrera to pull weeds. The same goes for your fine jewelry. It doesn’t need to be caked in dirt. Or cookie dough. Or sweat from the gym (you’re picking up what we’re putting down here, right?). Trust me, the other ladies in spin class aren’t admiring you for your diamonds. So, leave the jewelry at home, ladies.

check up clean jewelry Take It To The Doctor For Regular Check Ups.

The jewelry doctor, that is. Over time, even with the best care, prongs get worn down. Stones become loose. And shanks get thin. Make sure you’re taking your jewelry in to have it looked over by a reputable jeweler every year. They know how to spot a shaky bezel or loose channel and can help to ensure you don’t loose any stones. And the added extra benefit? They’ll clean your jewels for free.

And just like that we’re back to where we started. You’re welcome. 🙂


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  1. Because I just started to wear jewelry, I really want to make sure that my rings and necklaces stay clean. However, I had no idea that there was such a thing as polishing cloths that could help with that. Do you think that a simple microfiber rag would also be just as useful?

    1. The polishing cloths are awesome for daily maintenance of your jewelry. A microfiber rag could be ok, you would just want to be sure that it’s one meant for things like your eyeglasses, laptop screen and jewelry. And there should be no chemicals put on it (Windex, etc.), as those could damage some stones.

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