Ring Boxes Transformed

Shunga - Ring Box Diorama
Photo credit: Talwst

They sit in a drawer, forgotten and forlorn, their former contents more likely to see the light of day. They once held amazing treasure. Eliciting gasps of joy when revealing their contents. But now? Now what?

Ring Boxes Transformed

Enter Toronto artist Tawlst stage left. He takes what most consider to be an item to be tossed aside after its contents have been removed and turns it into repurposed art. What are we talking about? Common ring boxes.

El-Torero Ring Boxes
El Torero
Photo credit: Talwst

As he tells it, years ago a Paris street vendor gave the artist a vintage ring box, telling him he wanted him to see him, “Do something with this.” And thus his first diorama was born. Talwst turned the antique ring box into a seaside scene featuring a woman in a black, vintage swimsuit. “I want the viewer to open the box and feel they have been transported to another world,” he says.

Summer In The Winter Ring Boxes
Summer In The Winter
Photo credit: Talwst

And into another world, several different worlds, we go. Tawlst’s work crosses many genres. The dioramas are about as different as each of the vintage ring boxes themselves. Themes vary from SciFi to television. From global warming to imitations of famous paintings. From historical reenactments to political statements. All in miniature.

The-Troubadour-II Ring Boxes
Photo credit: Talwst

So now next time, instead of dumping that ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace box in the bedside drawer after your next piece of vintage jewelry is revealed, you can turn it into craft/date night instead. You’re welcome.

To see more of his awesome ring boxes check out his official site talwst.com or you can  find him on | Facebook |  Instagram | Twitter


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